Request 1 done. 100 more to do




Just to say hello and remind you I’m a potatoe who spends her day in reblog everything in this blog

And also I reach another 1k of followers, WoaW guys srsly stop it you’re all amazing.


Anyway to celebrate, I’m gonna open sketchy request! *yeah*

Fandoms I accept

And Pairings I accept because I don’t want to draw anything I can’t feel… so sorry. But anyway drop your ask even if you ship don’t appear, maybe I ship it and I didn’t put it in my list. (pss don’t gore or explicit nsfw, haha I’m a burden LMAO)

Just drop your ask and please not only “person x person” or “person of x anime” gimme ideas LMAO people please


Anyway thaaanks for follow and like my fanarts love love love <3 for you all


Y recuerden hablo español! sobrevivo con el google translate para el inglés LOL



Ok you know what. Enough with the negativity. Anyone in favor of Jerza getting its own smut fest say I.

pls call it love fest too so we all have the same name and it’s a thing in fandom and stuff. *shot* oryoucanignoreme

Here we go! Jerza Love Love fest!!!! 



Ok you know what. Enough with the negativity. Anyone in favor of Jerza getting its own smut fest say I.

I AM ON! <3

oh yeah! when?! c:

I kind hate you. You discovered my weak point

Kawaii clothes in moe girls.


Anyway thank you!! <3 is a lie, I don’t hate you…  much

Hirunaka No matter what is going to happen we&#8217;re gonna cry anyway

Hirunaka No matter what is going to happen we’re gonna cry anyway



Hi! Can you draw NaLi?~

Mmm… I don’t think so, perhaps them as kids, that’s the only way I can ship it!

Seriosly! Even though I ship Wendy with Romeo I just love your Wendy x Doranbolt arts. Especially sensei/student AU. Please draw more of them or I'll die.

I believe wendy’s cat (charlie) attacks Mest sensei for no reason (LOL the cat is smart she knows something is between these two).

Hahaha anyway thanks!!!! <3. Yeah I’m very happy with the reaction of the people, LOL. Like “Damn this is cute why are u making ship this” that’s the reaction I wanted hahaha!

Maybe. IDK I have like 10000000 projects!! gosh.

I'm a fan of your work! Especially the Gajevy ones <3 Let me ask though, do you ship Miraxus? Any chance that you can draw them sometime (if ever you do)? Thank you so much!

Thankssss! <3 they’re my babies what can I say??!


Ehhh I don’t know!!. I mean I think they’re cute, but that’s all. I still having my feelings with the ship that sank in the deepest of the sea. (Laxus and…)

Anyway thank you again, and maybe I just need another hint from Mashima-sensei to start to love them!

So I was… “When I’ll be in the last minutes of my life, regretting everything I didn’t do, I’m gonna ask myself “Did you draw enough shitty Sensei/student au with Doranbolt/Mest and Wendy fanart?” “Yes I did” (dies happy)


And that’s the reason why I drew this

not really; that just sounds better than just doodles because I cannot slept

hey could you draw Sakura haruno and naruto uzumaki♡ ?

I Love them but I don’t think my Style could fit em…. Maybe later

Are you a bang? Cause I would like to go out with you~

Just WuT.?

your gruvia drawing gray is going to punish juvia is so cute and sexy! I hope you'll draw more of that idea. (I fucking love your art!)


Gruvia forever and ever (haha and I kinda hate Gray in the past… LOL how things change to good, God I’m very wise *sparkles* ok not really

Your art is so freaking amazing. You're one of my favorite tumblr blog, omg. *w*

*blush very hardo*

Thaaaank you!!!